Buying a crt tv! is the Panasonic 32 Quintrix SR Acuity really the best crt tv?


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hi people ive heard that this tv is the bees knees ? is this true?
Or is there a better tv ? ive heard that the sony trinitron wega is up there and also the sony34xbr960 is great.

my main use is for retro gaming
what is a good price for a crt ? {the best ones }

and also i have a normal panasonic quintrix and the size of it is huge the back of the tv takes half of the space of my room.the
Tvs ive listed above do they have small backs ?

thank you and if i have been vauge please tell me and i will try to explain myself better.

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little late but...

id like to know this also,

i have a Quintrix F which is a great tv (great sould and picture) and id recommend if you couldnt find a SR by this stage.

the Quintrix SR is the newer and better tech - ive read it got a better picutre but would it make much difference i dont know.
it is 100hz isnt it, im not sure if that is a good or bad thing for gaming ?

cant beat the old panasonic tv's
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