Buying a Cam from USA - will it work in the UK?

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    Hello, my girlfriend is in the US at the moment. Was thinking about buying a camera so I thought I would get one from the US as they are about £100 cheaper.

    As the camera will be NTSC format can any one confirm what I am thinking? I am planning on editing my movies via my computer. I was then going to transfer them onto DVD (got burner etc). Will I have to ensure the format is PAL for it to work on my home (or anyone elses) DVD player within the UK?

    Very new to this hence the question. Thanks, would really appreciate anyone's comments on this before she buys the camera.

    Also, what software would be recommended? Pinnacle okay?


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    Well the 'should I buy a camcorder from the USA' question gets asked quite a bit on this forum. Do a search and you will find me and a few others commenting on why you should not buy from the USA.
    Yes, anything recorded on an American cam will be in NTSC, but it is not a simple setting that can be changed to convert to PAL. NTSC is at a lower resolution to start with and conversion will also cause a further loss of quality. Also it takes expensive hardware or software to do the conversion, not just the basic editing software.
    Most modern DVD players and UK TV's will be able to display an NTSC DVD, but you will never be able to copy the DVD onto a VCR unless you spend a lot of money on a multi standards VCR.
    So IMO you will be better off looking for a good deal on a camcorder from the UK. Internet prices are bringing the costs way down compared to the high street, so the saving may not be as much as £100.

    As for software there is loads that can be recommended. Pinnacle Studio 9 is good, but unstable for many users. Ulead Video Studio 8 (version 9 about to be released) is good, as is Sony Vegus Studio. All of these can be downloaded from the company web sites for a free 30 day trial.


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