Buying a 37PX60 - where to buy and what price?




Have decided I'd like to buy a 37PX60 with a pedestal stand. Now the question is where to get it from.

I'm quite keen on an extended warranty, so John Lewis and the Panasonic Shop are appealing. The former don't seem to do it with the pedestal.

My local Panasonic Shop have it for £1450, including the stand, a 5-yr warranty, and free delivery. I'm quite tempted to go with this (not least cos it's in stock and I can get it quickly).

Any experience with buying from a Panasonic shop? Is £1450 a rip off or is it worth it to get the warranty? One respondant to my last post suggested doing a John Lewis price match on the TV with a cabinet stand, then getting a refund on the cabinet and buying a pedestal - but not sure I can face the hassle of this.



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I think getting that model from JL with what ever stand they have is a good idea
if you want the 5 year warranty and you get a good price match

Personally I've never taken out extended warranty's with anything I have bought
as I think they are over priced, its a case of weighing up a repair IF needed
against the cost of a 5 year warranty £400+

I would rather spend £400+ on a repair if its ever needed, but that's just my
personal choice and a risk I'm prepaired to take

Here's a couple of places with ped without 5 years



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I have today obtained a panasonic 37px600 from john lewis liverpool with cabinet stand for £ was price matched with empire direct in Bolton,price includes £30. delivery,thats Empire Directs delivery charge,I think I have a good deal.:smashin:

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