Question Buying 1st Projector - ~£500 - Benq W1070 vs Optoma HD141X vs Epson EH-TW5200


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Hoping to buy my first projector around the £500 mark. These are the three I have been looking at:

Benq W1070 - £499
Lots of happy customers and reviews. Fast colour wheel so less rainbow effect. No horizontal lens shift! Is light leakage an issue?

Optoma HD141X - £499
This one has horizontal lens shift. I am not sure about the colour wheel speed. Can anyone tell me how it compares to the Benq above?

Epson EH-TW5200 - £569
LCD so the rainbow effect should be a non-issue. More pricey and perhaps won't have as good colour performance as the DLPs above?

Can anyone tell me how the colour wheels of the DLPs compare? Are there any other products I should consider?

I'll most likely be moving this projector around and will require lens shift / keystone at friends' houses. Does keystone make a noticeable impact on the image compared to lens shift?



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Lens shift is optical so has little effect on the projected image, keystone is a different mater as it is electronic so does have a difference on the projected image. How much that reduction in image quality effects you is down to how critical you are.

Some folks do not see a difference when using keystone so best to demo if possible.

Faster colour wheels can reduce rainbows but brightness also has an effect so if one pj had a faster colour wheel but was also markedly brighter one could cancel the other out.

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