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Buy V + box from EBay?


Standard Member
If I buy a V+ box from ebay will it just attach and work as a V+ box in place of my current ordinary Virgin Box? If it's a V+ HD box will I get HD automatically or do I have to pay the extra £5 a month? Thanks:confused:


Active Member
All STB's are the remain the property of Virginmedia, therefore you would be handling stolen goods, the only way you can get one is by giving Virginmedia a ring.


Standard Member
OK but in theory would it work as a hard drive? Would I be able to record stuff? I understand the Virginmedia property agreement. Thanks

oliver queen

Active Member
you understand the VM property agreement, yet you're still prepared to risk being done for handling stolen goods?

either way, it wont work. N3 kills all dodgy boxes


Standard Member
That's correct the box does remain the property of VM, as with N3 in place it would not work and would need to be programmed for your area too even if it did work.


Standard Member
If you bought it, it would be useless. But I dont think you'd get done for handling stolen goods. Its down to the person who sold you the box. They are under contract and are essentially renting the box from Virgin. While they might not realise now but eventually Virgin will want the box back and they are not cheap.


Standard Member
There is no way it would work. People who sell them on ebay advertise them saying that you just need to call virgin to activate it and use your own card, but virgin would never activate a box that isn't supplied by them.

People used to buy these boxes off ebay and hack them to get virgin channels for free, but since virgin introduced the new encryption system, that no longer works.


Standard Member
Don't do it, last year had a crack down on poeple receving stolen boxes! some end up in court and fined the one selling the boxes got time.

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