Buy the wife a hi-tech AV accessory


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I bought something to sit my xls200 on and the wife liked it so much I bought her one as well!

Throw in a cheapo DVD to bump it up for free delivery and I'm your uncle :smashin:

Who'd have thought that Mrs yetanotherbob would want her own AV kit for the kitchen :rotfl:


I know they can be got slightly cheaper in the high street, but I wouldn't fancy running for a bus with one under each arm :eek:

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Comfortably cheaper than the ones discussed here too. 10mm thicker, still has the rubber feet and a mere £65 cheaper.:eek:

What do mean they dont come in taupe?



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Isn't it a marvelous world that they produce such items for the women folk to bring them into the AV world. :rotfl:


Did a similar thing with my xls a few weeks back, apart from my "platform" was only £8 from asda :)

Are you going to write a review for it on amazon? ;)

I think a "good quality and improved the sound of my sub no end" would do to confuse some people :p


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A perfect fit for under my sub, Velodyne CHT-8R, so I thought I'd give it a go. I Needed something extra for the free delivery so I ordered 2 :) The plan was to assign one to the kitchen.
Had them delivered today and they were much lighter than expected. I opened the box and removed a layer of bubble wrap, then another layer and another layer (and another...) before getting to the product.
The Granite is only 9mm thick :nono:, a fair bit thinner than the reviewer had stated.
Now have both in place rather than just the one planned.
On the plus side, I did get £10 off for signing up to their DVD rental service and could have got another £15 off if I'd wanted a credit card from them as well.

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