Buy the LG CX or C1/G1?

Since the new C1 and G1 Line is a few weeks out, I could get a good deal on an new 65" CX OLED.
In my case: CX = 1700€, C1 = 2600€, G1 = 3000€.

Has anybody from you guys tested or seen the real difference between an CX and C1/G1 in terms of brightness, banding,...?

I'm using the TV most of the time for watching Movie's, TV-Serie's, one or two football games a week (beside an European / World Cup - in this case: 1 game a day :laugh:)
and most of all: Gaming.
My streaming device is an Nvidia Shield Pro, so all Apps (Prime, Netflix, Kodi, DAZN,...) will go through that, the internal LG apps are not used.
In terms of Gaming I'm using an PS5 and an Xbox Series X.

I'm also planning to get an Denon AVR-X3700 and use it with the eARC feature of the TV. I'm not 100% sure how I should hook it up correctly?
Series X/PS5 -> TV -> eARC to Receiver
Series X/PS5 -> Denon Receiver -> TV

Since the Denon only has one HDMI 2.1 Port, the eARC Feature would be better?
I also heard about "Audio Delay" on LG OLEDs when using eARC? Is this still a thing to consider?

With CalMan Autocal and an X-Rite i1Display Pro Plus, this would be my first time to try to calibrate an TV myself. ;)
Is it worth it?

Only downside in my room: It is bright with three windows opposite the TV, and one window on the left side, but I can darken them windows completly if neccessary.
I don't want to buy an LED/QLED TV, so the only concerns I have, would be the G1 with it's brighter Panel maybe could fit better in my room?
Does the incread brightness makes the G1 a much better TV than the CX/C1? (when watching TV on daylight time without darkened windows)
I don't need the Gallery Design.
Soundwise it is also not worth it, because I use an Klipsch 5.1 Setup :thumbsup:

Are there other difference's I should know between the G1/C1 and the CX?

Would you personally buy the LG CX or C1/G1?

Thank you all for your help!


Vincent did a video about the differences, with the C9 included. his conclusion: buy the cheap CX (unless you need the catch-up apps missing from the CX, or are super sensitive to motion)



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The G1 only seems to be brighter than the C1 on full-screen white - IIRC Phil Hinton measured the peak brightness of the C1 and the G1 on a 10% window to be more-or-less the same.

Rtings measured the C1 as less bright than last year's CX, but panel variation can be an issue between individual TVs.

If you're a serious gamer one feature of the C1/G1 which may appeal to you over the CX is the new Game Optimizer. This allows you to tweak the image settings for different genres of games and is a nice little addition for 2021.
Thank you for the Video, that helped a lot!

The Game Optimizer is nice to have, but for me it's not worth € 700...

The only thing a haven't figured out, is about the "audio delay" on LG OLEDs?
Is this still a thing, without a proper solution?
As mentionted I want to hook up an Series X and PS5 and want to have perfect 5.1 Audio without any delay...


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Hi Katzenfutter,

I was in the same situation as you and ended up buying a 77CX9LA (Germany). And after watching a movie for the first time, I thought I am in a cinema :D...

In terms of Gaming with a PS5, I was playing Spiderman for a couple of hours (I am a casual) and could not notice any delay in sound, I am using a Cinebar11 from Teufel. But I am not an enthusiast, I am a casual guy, using the TV for 50%Series/Movies, 30%Gaming on PS5 and 20%TV...

Hope that helps.
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I bought the 65” CX, Upgraded from a 55” C6. I run my Streaming services through E-Arc and my ps5 is hooked directly into the LG SN11 7.1 Soundbar. I notice no audio delay when using e-arc with netflix, or playing games or discs via the ps5. The only app that has a delay is the amazon prime app on the CX, Its no biggy for me as i just set the audio delay to 160ms via the phone app and its sorted.

Hope this helps you out.

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