Buy the AVR-X2700H or AVR-X3700H or wait for 2022 Line Up?


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I want to use my X2200 for my PC setup, so I need to replace my current main receiver. I've explored the options (I like the Marantz NR1711 but concerned about HDMI issues) and so far am settled on either the AVR-X2700H or AVR-X3700H.

Should I wait? If so, why, what new features are we expecting?

My concerns are the compatibility issues that seem to manifest with new models for quite some time after the are released. In some cases (not Denon's) but HW has been released and the problems never really get totally resolved. So the there are benefits going with a tried and tested model.

My point being - is it really worth waiting for the new 2022 range? And don't forget the cost.... and the component shortages......

Thanks helpful people!


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I'm new to AVF but are present on numerous other forums that have discussed this. Whether to wait or not? Well, you can't win. I see the points you're making but contrary to them - no one knows what the new range will offer. So, what if you buy an x2700 or x3700 now and then regret it as there's a new feature launched you would have really wanted?
I'd suggest wait until they're launched - hopefully the older models will still be available, so you can then make your best choice.


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Current Denon AV amps are over 2 years old. Must be some new kit coming out soon.
I’m looking for a new Denon amp, but will wait till the next models are out.


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I believe the only expected feature at this point is a couple more 8k HDMI ports. There is some suspicion that the next x2XXX or x3XXX models may not be updated until next year.


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Like you I was holding out for any news of upcoming Denon receivers (specifically x4xxx series). Contacted Denon Europe last week, and apparently they have no news regarding any possible updates to that particular model. I think I'll be going ahead with a purchase of the 4700H.


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I am going ahead with a X3700H, would rather have something with 2 years of firmware updates behind it. I have learned there is a price to pay for getting v1.0 (or v0.9 usually) of a product…..


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I was looking at Yamaha amps the other day as sick of waiting for Denon to update. Some nice kit with all the recent inputs.
Never had a Yamaha AV amp for 25 + years, but might give it a try.


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I would rather buy Yamaha, but their website is full of excuses for HDMI 2.1, if you get the wrong manufacturing date of amp you will need hardware upgrade, otherwise you are waiting on firmware update in Autumn.

No thanks! I would rather have something which works now!

It is very unlikely that you'd get one of the receivers inclusive of thr older HDMI chipset if buying one now. The receiver would have had to have been sitting in a stock room for at least the past six months to still be one of the original models that had the problematic HDMI chipset. Most if not all new models made by Yamaha will now include a revised HDMI board when you buy them.

Yamaha have already issued the firmware update that enables the conveyance of 4K 120Hz or 8K 60Hz video. This is for both their lower tier and top tier models. The lower tier models are compromised though due to their use of a lesser HDMI chipset that is only able to handle 24Gbps. The bandwidth issue is paricularly problematic if your TV cannot handle DSC.
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main issue with Yamaha is they dont have equivalent to X3700H.
the A4A is slightly more then the X3700H but is 7.2 channels only. if you want 9 then you need the A6A which is £2200 which is more then 6700H

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Personally I very much like Arcam's approach to AVRs which is to have no more than 7 amplifier channels on-board and make anyone that wants more than that use a power amp. This allows space in a normal sized chassis for a decent PSU and proper heatsinks to keep things cool.

It's one reason I'm so fond of my old Yamaha RX-V3900. It only has 7 on-board amplifiers yet weighs in at 17.3KG due to a beefy PSU and large heatsinks with not a cooling fan in sight.

I'm expecting at some point though that we'll get 15x150W AVRs running class D amps.


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Hi could I ask if anyone knows if my just delivered X3700H is made with the new HDMI 2.1 chipset or is broken?

The serial starts:


I am hoping that means manufactured Nov 21 hence new chipset.



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May 21 onwards should be fine.

serial numbers from 70001 (inclusive) upwards


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Thanks. Would 7 be the first or second digit of my serial number? If the first I have an old one, if the second I am on 11xxxx


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81xxx should be fine.

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