Buy Sony 85" X900H or Samsung 85" Q80T??


That's the question! :S

Prices at the movement are:

Sony : 2700,- US $
Samsung : 3900,- US $

According to test found on net, these TV's seems quite similar. Samsung Q80T wins the most test, but just barely.
Samsung is the TV i want most. In my mind Samsung is a better TV brand and might looks better on the wall. But on the same time, i have no experience with Sony. So i don't really know that.

However, since the price different is 1200,- US. I'm thinking i should save some money and buy for the Sony instead. But im doubtful, and thinking i might regret that choice. So please tell that will not!

The TV will mostly be used for series. movies in a basement in the evening.
Sources will be Cable Tv decoder and my NUC PC for Netflix and plex server. I will also buy a PS5 for my kids, when it is available again. (sold out in Norway and goes for 1500K on the black market :( )



The Q80T that is reviewed online in many places is the North American TV, and not the same as the one sold in Europe. The European model doesn't get as bright, doesn't have as good local dimming and doesn't come with the wide viewing angle/anti glare filter. Having said that, both these TVs compete with each other for picture quality, so the fact the Samsung is so much more expensive makes the Sony a lot better value for money.

I think most people would choose the Sony, but if you want a TV that is suitable for HDR use you should consider the higher tier XH9505.

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Ok, i did not know that. I believed that the Q80T was replacing last years Q70R, with some upgrades. And that it was the same in all countries. Not easy to know if review on youtube are for a US or a EU model. If you know of a EU model review of the Q80T, and/or a Q80T vs XH900 compare. Please post a link below.

The XH9505 is 6000,- US in norway, so that TV is not an option.

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