Buy Now or will they come down?


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I am in the market for a Sharp 32P50E and wonder if the current prices will fall much before the P70 series comes out with digital tuner (rumoured).
I know the 32 can be had for 699 or even less online 660 ish!
Anybody think they will get to sub 600 squid?:clap:


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Mate all LCDs etc will aways come down in price. When you buy something its sods law it will always be cheaper 1-2 months down the line.

Thats the choice you take I'm afraid.


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stepp is probably right, trying to speculate the prices of these things can be a nightmare! Naturally though with the release of new models, the chances are the older models will be reduced by a fair bit so retailers can get rid of them. As we've seen with the latest Panasonic LCD prices, the newer models are being released cheaper than the outgoing models!


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i have made my mind up to get a sharp. been holding back a few weeks to see if the prices change much. 699 seems a pretty good price at the moment. i was also wondering if they would come down once a new line came out. when are the new ones out? im not too interested in the newer ones, its just that buying one know only for the price to drop quite a bit in a month or two would be a pain. but if it was longer or if the price didnt fall too much then that wouldnt be a problem for me.

as has been mentioned though prices drop. i got a dvd player in november for around 65 and i noticed it now for around 48 but i figure that ive had a good few months use out of it so thats fine, i think if you look at these things too long then you wouldnt get anything, nevermind enjoy what you get.


JohnRaymond said:
I know the 32 can be had for 699 or even less online 660 ish! Anybody think they will get to sub 600 squid?

If you go to the Currys website and use the discount code currys50 then you can get the price down to £649.99 with free delivery and buy now pay 10 months later and with another 2% cashback through Quidco - I think that brings it down to £636.99 so its certainly getting closer to that magic £600 mark that you'd like!

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