Buy now or wait till Crimbo?


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OK, turned 30 today, and got lots of cash from family and friends as pressies :)

Almost enough for me to afford a new TV :)

Therefore, I am deciding which to go for.

I've narrowed it down to the Sagem HD-D45 or the new 46" Samsung.

I might stretch to one of the Samsung SP50's too if it is worth the extra moolah, as I love the look of them.

So, can someone give me a run down of what is available and the pros and cons of the sets that are out there (and indeed the ones I've mentioned above)?

I've ruled out Optoma unfortunately because of the NTSC situation, which is a shame as I love the PQ of their PAL images.


There's little to choose between the Samsung and Sagem, except that on the 45" Sagem there is the "frosty" screen coating that some find an issue. Also some reviews of the Sagem mention some picture artefacts when non-high-definition material is played through the high-definition digital input, but this isn't something I tried when auditioning the set.

In the end I plumped for the Samsung 46" model and have been thrilled with the performance.

Audition them both and see for yourself.


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go with the sp50, they have dropped a lot in price. They look fantastic and i mean by pq and by the look of the tv :thumbsup: But as always, make sure you have a good demo of any tv before you buy and not just by peoples comments here :smashin:
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