Buy now, or wait for HD-DVD?


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Hi guys.

I am currently using my xbox 360 for playing dvd's on my Sony KDFE50-A12 (50" rear pro)

I used to have a Denon 1920, but due to not using it much, and I needed the money I sold it (this is like 6-7 months ago)

I am looking to purchase a decent dvd player again, because the 360 isnt all that great in terms of dvd playback, and because dvd's are so cheap now.

Is it worth splashing the cash now, or should I just wait for HD-DVD?

I would order the Toshiba HD DVD player (from the main page, av forums special offer) but I wont be able to play my UK dvd's on it:mad:

Any advice? Thanks:thumbsup:

Greg Mandel

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Buy an upscaling player for about £100-150 as a stopgap and wait for a year to see how the HD DVD and Blu-Ray situation unwinds.

Plenty of threads about which one is the best buy depending what you want it for.


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I have just been reading around, and the " Oppo DV971H" seems to have lots of praise?

Is it really the best quality dvd player for the money?

Also, having problems locating one, I found one over at "CRT PROJECTORS" but I cant see a "buy" button, do u have to call them?
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