Buy Now or Wait for Black Friday?

Les Miserables

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Hi - We're looking to replace an elderly 37" LG373000 about 8 years old.

We run a BT Freeview box through this, and it's used to watch Netflix, Now TV, movies, and regular TV. Would like access to You Tube on new set up too. We don't do gaming & don't watch much sport.

The TV sits in a smallish 3.8m square room. We have two sofas facing each other and the TV is wall mounted on one of the opposite walls so we're viewing at an angle, although it is a small room.

Was looking at going up to a 49-50" screen, and am happy to pay up to £ 1000 for a new TV. I've seen a Sony XH9505 for £ 800, which seems to be highly recommended on here, but am a little concerned at whether our viewing angle would be an issue with this model? We also would like to add a sound bar - we have an existing Sonos system, so logically would connect the new TV to a Sonos Beam.

Would the XH9505 be the right choice for us & should I buy this now whilst still available or is it better to wait for Black Friday and if so, are there any other TVs that we should consider?

big boss

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I've got a Sony KD-75XH9005 and viewing angles are perfectly fine.

Sloppy Bob

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It's already heavily discounted as it's a 2020 model, I'm not sure if you'll get any "deals" on it as it's a deal already. You shouldn't have to wait until BF though as most retailers will start advertising they'll give you the difference back if it's further discounted over BF and they usually start about 2 weeks before the actual day.

The 49" model of that TV IIRC doesn't have the wide-angle filter of the 55" and above models though. That may be important.


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You have a very healthy budget and you can get a very good lcd and even an oled.
They do 49 and 55 sizes in both now.

I think you can look at Sony xj90 and some oleds. For the latter, better to wait for Black Friday period…for best prices.

I love the Sony lcd but will always recommend oled first.


The XH9505 has a wide viewing angle filter at 55" so as long as your viewing angles aren't too tight you should be fine. I'd say you get about 30-40 degrees to play with compared to TVs that don't have the filter, then you get 15-30 to play with depending on the TV.

The 49" version doesn't have the filter, and has narrow viewing angles. Hard to say whether this will bother you or not though, some people seem fine with it. I'll say what I always say and suggest it will be fine if its not you watching at an angle, and more people who don't really care, or notice these things.

Can't really help with Soundbars, but I'd be very surprised that you can get a better TV for the same price come black friday, especially since Sony have stopped selling their highest LCD range smaller than 65" now.

Les Miserables

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Thanks for the replies. It's helped me make a decision.

I think 55" will be too big for the room so I've gone for the 49" XH9505 as there's not many left for

Will post thoughts once it's set up. Cheers

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