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Hi everyone. I'm a newbie to this site although I have dropped in as a guest every now and then to look for information.

My trusty old 28" Panasonic Quintrix CRT set needs replacing and I have decided that the time is right to enter the world of HD with a 40 - 46" LCD. Having read through a few of the latest Home Cinema magazines, internet test sites and browsing through the forums here, I think I have narrowed it down to the Samsung M86/7, Sony KDL-W2000 or a Toshiba X3030. I am aware of the various problems with each of the sets (as well as the good things!) and have been to see these sets in action at my local TV retailers.

My problem is that reading through the forums, each of the manufacturers listed above seem to have new sets that are due imminently. How does it work these days?

In the case of Sony where the whole range is being re-vamped, are the current sets I'm interested likely to drop in price when the new ranges arrive or will they simply be recalled by Sony as the new stock arrives?

With the Toshiba, one of the things that I noticed was the motion blur - this is supposed to be addressed by the increased scanning rate (?100Hz) in the upcoming Z series. Will the X series therefore stay the same price and the Z series be more expensive (and possibly out of my price range) or will the X series drop in price as the Z series takes its place as the high-end model?

Ultimately, I realise that I could wait forever and end up not buying a set for fear that new models will arrive, better and cheaper than their predecessors. I suspect that any of the sets I'm interested in would serve me well for the next few years - but seeing as the new models are due for September/October release, I don't want to spend my hard earned cash only to find that two weeks later, I could have bought a "better" model for the same money or even have saved myself a few hundred quid. Any thoughts?

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