Buy Cheaper Online or Buy Local For More?


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I like to buy local for all the usual reasons, to support local business, point of contact if you have a problem, etc.......
However I can order my new Panny today for over £90 less from Comet online and wait a week for delivery or go to my local independent pay the extra (get a "Free" 5 Year Warranty) and pick up now.

You can argue the warranty either way as normally I wouldn't buy an extended warranty so in effect would be paying £90 for something I wouldn't buy any other time or I can take the view that I'm getting a good deal with it thrown in.

I'm not looking for guidance from anybody as such, just thought it might be something worth having a chat about and might help me along the way!

S Bibby

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For service and warranty I would usually go more most retailers in bricks and mortar stores than the web-based warehouse businesses. I don't disagree with their business model, but I feel that the local or national chain stores can sometimes offer more.

toxic mango

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I am willing to pay a little bit extra. Often before I purchase any equipment, I will call my local retailers. Whilst I appreciate that they cannot match online prices if they can get to around £20-£50 (depending on overall price) I will buy it from them. For example the cheapest i saw an arcam avr 280 was for £399 and I picked it up for £420 from my local retailer. However, there is a limit to my price tolerance. If the price is substantially higher than value becomes an overriding factor.


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Just out of intrest which panny are you going for, and how much is the retailer asking?

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