But what about sound quality\/



OK so I am looking at all the MP3 players out there after a disapointment with the Sony ATRAC system.

I want WMA support (but DRM support is not important), about 512MB memory (flash based for use in the gym) and that's about it. Loads of choice but what I do not see in the reviews is comments about sound quality.

I am prepared to pay extra for better quality but I see no reports on what is better.

I find it hard to think that a 192k WMA track on a iRiver device will sound the same on a Creative device so where do I find out what sounds better.


I will use my own headphones on whatever I get so it's the true sound performance of the device that matters.


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Oy. DRM "support" is not a feature that people seek, but a burden that must be endured to some degree.

There is simply no such thing as "true sound performance" that can be compared.

Sorry, but you have to listen to different DAPs (using your own headphones) and decide what sounds best to *your* ears.


Your best bet is probably to look at Creative's smaller flash players. They produce stuff which has very good SQ, IMO, without any low level background hiss at all - which some others DAPs do seem to suffer from. If Creative players had gapless playback, I'd go back to them from Sony in a jiffy!

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