But first, let me take a #selfie

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Okay, what has this world come too?

#Kill. #Me. #Now.


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Showing your age, thats what!

Of course its crap, but then if its crap its probably not for you. Pop music has always been like this for prior generations.

It might concern you at the moment that most people aspire to be like Joey Essex and Jordan. I say let them be. After all, I'm middle aged, so as long as subsequent generations aspire to be fudgeing imbeciles I should hopefully keep my job until retirement (more likely drop dead over my keyboard)


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Of course, this is not music.

But then music has totally lost its way. Its music to iron to. Endless talent shows choosing the next "big" thing, to bombard us lacklusture cover versions. OR even worse, original material.

Music has been the lowest form of "art" for years.

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