Busted speakers?

Archmage Gromph

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Hi All,

First post on the forum so if there is anything amiss, I apologise in advance...

I have a problem that I hope someone can advise on. I think that one of my left/right speakers is shorting my reveiver. I say this because i have just replaced my onkyo that was intermmittently shutting down and going into diagnostic mode telling me to check speaker wire. I had checked all connections (no joy), replaced all cables with professionally terminated cables (no joy). My centre speaker blew recently and I thought it may have been the receiver that did it so i replaced the centre and now the receiver to Denon 2600. Given all that has been changed (rears speakers are rareluy connected due to layout of the room and it used to happen when they werent connected anyway), I though I was home and dry. Unfortunately last night my new receiver went into protecton mode after about 25 mins of watching a movie (not pushing the receiver particularly hard volume was betwen -35 to -30) and it told me to check cables etc. To say that I am a bot cheesed off is an understatedent!

Having replaced the cables, the centre speaker, and the receiver (rears cant be the issue as it happens when they are not conected), the only possible other component is the Main L/R speakers. Unless it could be the sub? (BK Monolith) This happened to be on this time but it is rarely on and I am 90% sure it has happened when it is not switched on. This too has had a cable change due to room reshuffle.

If it is likely the speakers (reading around it seems that dodgy crossovers can cause this kind of issue):
  1. Is there a way i can cheaply and easily (i have almost zero technical kowledge) of testing if the speakers could be shorting?
  2. If they are the problem, can they be rapaired and any idea how much this tends to cost?
If it is massively expensive (they were eBay jobs from a couple of years ago). would moving to The silver 200's or even 300's be a good match for the Denon 2600 or is it not powerful enough? Whilst really I like the idea of shiny new speakers, my wife and wallet certainly do not. The 300's sound amazing but at £1300 vs the £200 i got the RS6's for a couple of years ago is a vast sum to swallow for me.

Any help is appreciated.


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If a speaker was shorting out, you would normally hear the issue before the amp cuts out. Try connecting the rear speakers to the front channels and run the system for a while and see if the problem reappears. If so, you know there's an issue somewhere upstream - possibly out of band information being amplified and causing the amp to trip, while if it all works fine, then perhaps there is some damage to the speakers somewhere that you need to find.

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