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    I ordered a Bush WS6673 from Tesco.com


    They have sent me a WS6680, which I assume is a newer model.

    The picture is ok, not as great as on the 6006 I had before but the RGB on this set is excellent, with no interference ;-)

    The question I have is on the viewing modes, it has:


    Now Zoom expands Vetically, and a little bit horizontally, although not the full width of the screen.

    So there fore I have to watch broadcasts in 4:3 with Borders each side, or in 16:9.

    I was expecting a mode that would stretch 4:3 to fill the screen, but it looks like this is what 16:9 does. Letterbox expands a 16:9 picture vertically, to remove black bars on films.

    So all in all its a nice telly, but Bush appear to have gone back to the purist aspect ratios of the WS6670, rather than sticking with the improved WS6673 options.

    (The 6680 does S-video though which is a big + over the 6673!)

    PS - Does anyone now how to get into the service menu on BUSH TV's please? Or even if Bush have a website?

    I have a nasty left shift on my PS2 games via RGB and would like to see if the service menu can fix it.


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