Bush VHS/DVD Recorder problem




I recently bought a Bush DVD/VHS combo, primarily to transfer old VHS tapes to DVD. At the end of the copy process you have to "validate" the DVD to allow it to be viewed on other DVD players, well that works OK and I can view the DVDs on other players, but there seems to be no way to copy the DVD using a PC, I have tried on three different computers now and I always get an error 1/2 way through the copying process.

The errors are never the same, I am really puzzled by this, I thought that Bush may have a web site to try to get some support - but can't find any info re this.

Has anyone else had this problem?:lease:



Hi Tricia.

I would think this is likely a disk read problem.
Self-burned DVD's are much less robust than other types of disk.

Are you trying to copy 'on the fly' or by copying to hard disk first?

In either case I would go into the settings of your copying software and lower the read speeds and also lower the write speed when you come to burn.

Also look for a 'Jitter correction' option when copying ... and turn it on.

It can be a frustrating business.

If none of that works, try different disk types.

Good Luck.
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