Bush STB202- stuck on 1 channel-any ideas?


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After working fine for 3 months my Bush STB202 digibox got stuck on the Yesterday channel.
My first thought was to bin it as Argos stressed it had no guarantee when I bought it but I decided to see if anyone else had had this problem and come up with a solution. I have tried switching it off and leaving it, trying it on a different TV with different connections but it remains stubbornly on Yesterday. Should I revert to my original plan?


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I would have thought that all electrical goods are at least covered by a 1 year guarantee. It is up to the retailer,in this case Argos, to repair or replace. Usually they do not present any difficulty over this except in cases where customers have obviously modified something. Any possibility that it is due to a low battery in the remote?

If you've lost the receipt and cannot trace the purchase date through your credit card or bank then Argos should be able to trace your purchase from their computer with a few brief details.
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Hi Mike,
thanks for replying. Definitely not the remote battery or anything similar. Working fine, switched it to standby, an hour later switched it on and stuck on the one channel.

When I bought it Argos had a notice that these items were not subject to the usual return policy [because cheap?] Having said that I think you're right, a company can't simply ignore obligations to replace defective goods can they. I think I'll take it back and see what they say.

Thanks again for the reply.


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Just to report Argos swapped the item as a gesture of goodwill [only had credit card bill, couldn't find receipt] and as I didn't look like I did this on a regular basis. New one working well so far and if it goes wrong again I have my receipt.

Many thanks for suggestion.:thumbsup:

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