Bush PDP42TV004 connection difficulty



I hope someone can help!

We have purchased the above and have never experienced a plasma tv before so have hit a brick wall with the sound issue.

This has speakers which we have attached but although at present the tv is attached to sky plus the pictue is great but what do we connect and how do we connect it to get the sound? There is NONE.

Are the speakers just a boost from an amp or something that we also need to connect?

I hope someone can help as the instructions don't and its just so frustrating.

We have sky plus, a video, a sony dvd home cinema system and a stereo to add on if needs be. We have a few scart leads and a few of the red and white ones.

Can someone give me an idiots guide to connect these all and with what? It would be so appreciated!!

Thanks, Noo :lease:
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