Bush lcd32tv022hd auto-brightness problem


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Just wondering if somebody could help me out with this little problem.

I bought this TV not long ago and it's not half bad but one thing keeps bothering me.
When using this tv with my Xbox 360 through component and the PS3 through Hdmi i find when i enter dark areas on various games like Gears of war, Splinter Cell etc the brightness goes up a fair bit and when i see a bit of light or move around it goes back to it's original brightness. (it always happens in the same area's in games too so it's not random)

Does anybody know if there is a way to disable this auto-brightness thingy i've looked in the manual but it mentions nothing about this and the only thing i can find through a scan of the menu button is Film Mode and 3D Comb which don't seem to do anything.

If there is a way to disable this could someone please offer some advice on how to do it



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Ok now i've managed to locate the service menu but i'm unsure on a couple of options i still have not found a way to turn off this brightness/contrast thing but maybe if someone can shed some light on some of these options i may be in luck with disableing said problem

right on the service menu i have these options

sound 1+2
tuner options

now it seems the best stuff is in features and options which are...

options include

Burn in
first APS
Enter flash mode

features include

dynamic wb
zoom mode blank

does anybody know what these options are i found nothing in the manual and it's really bugging me when i play on my 360 i was thinking of entering the flash menu but i'm not sure and i don't want to kill my new tv.

if anyone can help me out it would be much apprieciated.

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