Bush 42" Plasma XPDP42TV004 for £938 at Makro


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Hello All

Just got the latest Makro catalogue and it has the Bush 42" Plasma (Model XPDP42TV004) shown below for £799 + VAT (£938.82).

The only specs indicated are

3000:1 Contrast Ratio
1000 CD/M2
Scart x 2
852x480 Resolution

I can't find any more details about it anywhere, anybody any idea if it's any good, or where I can get further information.

Many thanks


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wouldnt touch it with a barge pole. Would imagine its crap, same as Tiny!!


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You can buy a panny pw7 for £999 and that is one of the best screens ever made.


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Keep in mind thought that the PW7 is only available for £999 when you buy the extended warranty with it (from RS anyway). It also doesnt come with a stand, speakers or tuner or any input boards. If you want a PW7 with tuner, stand and speakers you are looking at more like £1300 (£1150 for screen, stand and input board from Av sales, £50 for freeview tuner and £100 for speakers), this is £360 more expensive (but probably much better) than the Bush.
I have a PWD7 btw and agree that it is probably one of the best SD panels around.
And no, I wouldnt recomend anybody buys the bush.
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