BUSH 20" LCD with Freeview and DVD


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I've just received the latest issue of the CPC catalogue which shows a Bush product called the IDLCDS20TV006 which appears to be a 20" LCD TV with both Freeview and a DVD player built in. I have been looking for a product like this for a while to replace a stack of separate items, all with different remote controls and with problems involved in replugging the SCART connectors whenever the input source is changed. I've tried to find more info on this product but without any success whatsoever. Is this a new product which is not yet released?

Anyone have any views on it - don't bother suggesting that a combi product like this is not a good idea - the problems involved in having them all separate that I have described above are the reason that I need to have a combined unit where it is all in one neat box, with one remote control that all in the family can operate.
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