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    (Apologies in advance for a rather verbose build up to a rather simple question).

    My current system consists of:

    Sony KX28FX20 (TV)<br />Sony STRDB930 (Receiver)<br />Sony CDPXB930 (CD)<br />Samsung DVD709<br />Tannoy Mx2 (x4)<br />Tannoy MxC

    As well as the Tannoys, I've also got a old pair of IMF speakers. The IMFs combine a KEFB139 bass, KEFB110 mid and a Coles tweeter / super-tweeter in a transmission line design. They're getting on a bit now (they're 30 years old) but I still reckon they reach an octave below much of the stuff currently on the market. Ideally I'd have used them as the fronts in my setup but it just isn't possible given their sheer bulk (40" x 20" x 18") and the awkward shape of my lounge. As a result they've spent most of the last year sitting unused in a corner.

    I'd been hankering after a subwoofer to complete my setup but I hadn't been overly impressed with what was available for what I was willing to spend (about £300). I'd almost given up on the notion when I had an idea: instead of buying a cheap subwoofer, I'd buy a reasonable stereo amp and then use the IMFs as subwoofers. At low frequencies their positioning wouldn't be critical and I'd reasoned a stereo amp in combination with the IMFs and my CD player would make a semi-decent Hi-Fi to complement the AV stuff.

    So a few weeks ago I went out and bought another Sony (a TAFB940) and connected it and the IMFs to my existing system (via the subwoofer outputs on the receiver). I set the volume to a conservative level (about 9'o'clock) and settled down to enjoy the opening sequence of "The World is not Enough". At first I couldn't believe how realistic and immediate the gunfire seemed to be until I realised the noise wasn't gunfire - it was the voice coils in the KEFB139s slamming against their endstops. By the time I'd found the volume it was too late; one of the coils had burned out.

    Luckily I've been able to find someone who can re-furbish the KEFs but, and here's my question (at last!) Why on earth haven't the Tannoys suffered the same fate?

    I initially thought that the Tannoys might not be DC-coupled but they are. I have the speaker selector set to LARGE on the receiver so in theory they're receiving a full bandwidth (3Hz-20kHz?) DD signal containing the same bass information. Is there something special about the subwoofer line levels or can modern speakers simply handle more power without damage?

    Any suggestions gratefully received.


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