Burnout 5 & Sega Rally Revo (anyone got any links?)


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Really looking forward two these to games in a few months, anyone got any decent links to previews or trailers etc? Struggling to find anything of any detail .


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Don't think there has been any proper new info on Sega Rally since E3, I have it on preorder with GAME(currently for march 07 release) but I have a strong feeling it will soon slip to Q4 2007:(

We have a long wait ahead of us still for a 360 rally game, I think Colin McRae DIRT & Sega Rally will end up both being released in the run-up to Christmas next year.


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It's the same with Burnout 5, they've announced it for PS3 and Xbox 360, but at the moment, that's really it. I'd expect to see some screen shots in the new year.

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