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hi chaps im trying to burn some video files of erm ,pammie,abi,andjordan for a friend at work but i am unable to burn them onto a disc the files are m pegs from limewire, but when i try to burn them it says may not fit!! on both a dvd r and cdr any ideas?


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CDR capacity is 650-800MB depending on type and DVD+/-R are 4.5GB. do the three total more than this, if they do not you are doing something else wrong.

If you are using XP you can right click and select to send to cd/dvd writer. These will be burnt to the disk as mpegs to play on PC or compatible DVD player. You can use NERO burning rom or similar.

If you want to watch them on a standard dvd player then you will need to convert them to DVD format (.VOB, .IFO and .BUP). For this you will NERO Vision express or similar.

You can download a demo version of Nero here


hi still not able to burn them i tried to install the demo of nero but it wont install! but then again i have an oem version of nero that wont install! gets so far and says that installation has encountered a problem and that i should reinstall nero??
also the files are either video clip or m peg how do i convert them???


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The mpegs need to be converted to DVD format. You can use Nerovision Express for this. It will also burn the DVD for you.

If you want to use CD. They have to be converted to either VCD or SVCD format. You can use the same software for it.

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