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This may sound like an obvious question, but what's the easiest way of burning photos to a DVD using ImgBurn?. I am sorting out lots of family photos which are sorted in each folder according to year, and many of them are really large exceeded a standard CD-R disc at 700MB, hence why I want to burn them to a DVD rather than CD. I tried to burn a couple of folders in ImgBurn using the "write files/folders to disc" option, but for some reason I kept getting an error message on a particular folder which told me that I had to skip otherwise the session would end, and I clicked end and I ended up with a dud disc. Maybe I was using the wrong mode, or a file was corrupted.


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Sorry never used imgburn to copy data, but have used the built in Win7 and Win 10 to copy photos and data to cd/dvd or this freeware

Any reason of copying to cd/dvd? If it is as a backup I would suggest going with two portable HDD route as cd/dvd can also get corrupt if not stored correctly,


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Agree hence having two or more backups.
An old external HDD I had a few years ago suddenly stopped working straight after I had a power knock out when the electric went off, and after that it wouldn't work. It was plugged into a digital TV recorder I had which it connected to the TV via USB, enabling the stuff on it to be viewed through the TV (the TV was an old model that wouldn't work with pen drives or external HDDs). I never dropped it or broke it or anything.
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You haven't said how you plan on viewing these photos ?

If its as simple as creating a DVD with a copy of the files then I believe in Windows 8.1 (which I believe you are using) you can
- Insert a blank DVD
- Drag the files over to the DVDR in file explorer
- Right click the DVDR and select burn DVD

Most cheap standalone DVD / Bluray players will recognise the disc and play back the photos and of course any PC that has a DVD drive can read them as well.

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