Burning DVD's woth NEC 2500a


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This is driving me mad, for some reason I cant burn DVD's with Nero 6 (latest version) it alwasy crashes at the lead-in, so I have to use Pinnacle instant cd/dvd which takes about 40min per disc.

Could any help or recommend a faster burning software than instant cd/dvd?


Iain Shields

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Has Nero ever worked with the NEC and only just started crashing?

If yes then it might be something like one of the latest XP updates is messing it up, try uninstalling and then reinstalling Nero to see if it still fouls up...



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it burns cd's fine, but has never burnt a dvd


I had the opposite problem with my ND-1300. It would burn DVDs, but not CDs.

The solution was to change from DMA to PIO on the IDE channel. I suspect this might actually be a problem with my motherboard (nForce).

I have now upgraded to a Pioneer 107 - far superior !! ;)



Hmm, got a 1300A, never had a problem.

It has it's own IDE channel as master and is running UDMA33, burning DVDs at 4x and CDs at 16x.

DVD-Burners are sensitive to the DVD+-R/RW that you give it, good places like http://www.blankdiscshop.co.uk/ show you what burners each disc is compatible with.

Other than maybe burn speed (8x ?) I don't see any reason why the Pioneer is superior.


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i just got the nec 2500 and just burnt my first dvd with it and the only problem was with the verification of the written dvd (but this is a know problem as they are excellent at writing but dredfull at reading) but it works in my other dvd drives so i am happy :)
Also burnt cds with no problem at top speed!

P.s. i am using infinity white top 4x dvd-r's!!


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what software are you usin?


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I'm using Nero6 with the 2500a no problem at all here. Writing at 4x on Datawrite yellows..


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