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Apr 22, 2004
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With XP I have always backed up my dvds using dvd shrink and then Nero 6 if i want to copy to DVD. I normally do this to be able to access my collection stored on 2tb of hardrives and to copy my sons dvds as he always scratches them!!

I have just got vista and installed dvd shrink 3.2 which works fine but I can not install nero 6 as it says it is incompattable. Is there any other dvd burning software compatable with DVD shrink and vista ?
Nero 7 is supposed to work but both myself and my boss cannot get nero vision to convert avi's to dvd format, constantly gives errors.:thumbsdow
as a result I am now having to convert my films to MP4 using PS3 Video9 and have bought a 500gb Hard drive to put them on and watch thru the PS3.

I am slowly coming round to the idea of dumping vista and putting XP MCE on as I believe it is quite good
Anyone with Nero 6 can get a cheap upgrade to Nero 7 by inserting their Nero 6 activation code.on the Nero site.

And my Nero 7 works perfect.
Don't use Nero with Vista. Use ImgBurn instead. Much better than Nero.
Or DVD Decrypter.
I use that and it comes up with errors every time you try and close it, but it works fantastic .... and its easy.
Also vote for Imgburn here, works far better than Nero ever did on my system.
I believe it is the burn engine from DVD decrypter but updated a bit
http://www.imgburn.com/ said:
As I'm sure you all know, DVD Decrypter was shut down due to legal reasons. Not wanting to waste all my hard work, I'd like to introduce you to ImgBurn! - (Say hello ImgBurn) - "Hello" :eek:)

ImgBurn is an enhanced version of the burn engine - and it will continue to get better and better as time goes on.
Its strange that Nero works OK with some and not others, I think its more to do with the actual setup of the computer.

Its fairly logical if you're using the same OS and some work and some don't it seems reasonable its something in the setup thats creating the problem.
I've been using DVDDecrypter too, having had problems with Nero. It even burns CD formats which was a welcome suprise. ImgBurn looks like a good alternative and from the screenshots is an evolution of the same app.

To put avi files (such as episodes of Lost for my dad) onto DVD I've been using the Windows DVD Maker that comes with Vista Premium/Ultimate. Takes a while to convert the video to DVD format but works on my dad's standard dvd player.

Also used Windows DVD Maker to create some simple but effective photo dvds for the oldies.
What about AnyDVD(clone). Fantastic bit of kit. Runs in the background so much faster than separate DVD decrypter and DVD2to1 and Clone DVD I was using before. All I do now is 1 click on clone dvd and it decrypts shrinks and copies all in one hit. Runs perfect on XP but I dont want to risk a new laptop with vista if this programme wont run (yes its that good).
AnyDVD is Vista compatible, even Slysoft say so.

Agreed it's so much better than DVD Decrypter, it's still being updated (AnyDVD) for a start, it even has Blu-ray and HD-DVD support. I still think DVD Shrink is the best for actual ripping though.

I've not used DVD Decrypter for years. I doubt I'll re-install it when I get Vista, there's no point (if you have AnydVD).

Why use Nero directly if you have DVD Shrink? With Nero installed you can burn directly from DVD Shrink which works a treat.

p.s - Has anyone tried Nero 6 in Vista? I know it's not officially supported but Nero 7 is now so absurdly big just for burning DVDs and CDs I'm not keen to install it. Nero 6 was only 30Mb, it's now anything from 100Mb to 400Mb. I don't want all the crud just the Burning Rom.
The only reason I have nero installed (on my xp machine) is to burn the dvd.

I have nero 6 and it does not load on vista even if you ignore the warnings about it not being compatable.

I need some new software like nero just to burn dvds but do not want to have to pay for nero 7 (even with the upgrade discount) or to have the rest of the features it comes with.

Is there anything i can use with dvd2one or dvdShrink ??
ImgBurn is all you need for Vista. It's the best burning application out there. Hands down.

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