Burn in - whats the DEFINITIVE answer?

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Ok, lets cut straight to it - how much of an issue is screen burn, with say, digital channel logos. I like to have the freeview channels on (such as the Hits, etc) but am worried about the issue of burn in. Whats the maximum time I could watch such a channel like this for, and is this problem getting less so with newer plasmas? Any scare stories out there? I am considering purchasing either the Pioneer Hi-def plasma.

Ok, ok, so I should use the search function - please give me a break!



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I watch all my TV through Sky so I watch a log of channels with logos. I've had a Hitachi plasma for about nine months now and have had no problems with screen burn. For example, if I watch the football on Sky Sports, the score graphic is there for 45 minutes with no problems with burn in. Sky News has also never been a problem and neither has Boomerang which has a bright logo.

As long as you don't watch the same channel for days on end and make sure you turn down the contrast I don't think you'll find it's an issue.




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The first 100-150 hours are the most dangerous. reduce contrast and brightness from factory settings.

After that you should be ok, I don't generally ahve it on one channel for too long, music channels anyway.

I have two youngsters and they watch the kiddy channels, I have had no screen burn.

And yes for peace of mind do a few searches, i did before taking the plunge a year ago.

Don't forget to post a pic, when you have your plasma.:thumbsup:


The problem varies screen to screen. The pioneer will frighten you from time to time, I had after image for 3 weeks once, but it disappeared eventually. Panasonic appear to be the most robust in this respect, but this is just anecdotal. But for 2 hour odd stints, the all should be ok as long as you don't fry it with contrast at the top of the range. Surely 2 hours of the hits will fry your brain.


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I have screen burn on mine......I've had it for 16 months and for most of that I've been using it for my PC in 4x3 mode. When I calibrated the thing in the first place I only did it for the component input but forgot the PC, so it was left on factory contrast for quite a while on this input.

Now I've got a faint 'creamy' coloured area where the 4x3 image would be and there is a definite edge that can be made out on certain types of backgrounds i.e. very bright or light coloured. It's obvious if you go looking for it purposely and stare at the screen itself rather than the images themselves, but if you forget about it and watch telly as normal then you mostly don't notice.

It is annoying as once you see it you keep looking for it and I've tried using the screensaver many times and I think it helps to a degree but doesn't eliminate it totally I'm afraid. I've been using it in 16x9 mode since as well.

I think the many hours using the PC and not turning the contrast down before I realised have taken their toll. Bugger.


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the hitachi plasmas have an orbiter function which moves the image a small ammount evry minute or so, stops screenburn! works as well cos I saw a guy who has had 1 a year and no screen burn, I got mine 2 months ago and there are a few tweaks as well as the orbiter to prevent screen burn


In my experience Hitachi are the most prone. They are delivered with astonishing contrast settings, and having seen one of the famous 'grey blobs', I am convinced it's screen burn. It shouldn't happen of course, but it's astonishingly like it, just generalised lightening of the screen in the central area.


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My Panasonic has about 4,000 hours on the clock (mostly Sky channels) & no screen burn. Contrast settings set on mine are currently quite a bit lower than when it arrived though.


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There isn't a definitive answer. There are too many variables:

1: Brightness & contrast settings
2: Make of screen
3: Presence or otherwise of 'orbiting' features
4: Proportion of time on a given channel
5: Brightness of logo on that channel


Neil Fellows

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Thanks for all your help with this guys - this really has put my mind at rest on this subject. I really want to go for a plasma over an LCD, as I find the picture much more natural, but the screen burn issue has always been a worry.

I'll take you advice regarding the Hits channel - I don't know what I thinking. If I hear 'Mysterious Girl' once more, i'm leaving the country...


Remember standard CRT sets can suffer from screen burn too.
often people forget that!
Yes Plasmas are more Susceptible .But i have seen more screen burn on CRT sets ( TV,s used as CCTV monitors, games consoles etc)


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Yep. At present, only LCDs have any prospect of being immune to burn-in.

Neil Fellows

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Its just that the Pioneer Plasma is soooo nice, I think i'll go for that one. Time to try my long overdue hacking of plaster for an invisible install!

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