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16:9 RPTVs can suffer from 4:3 burn-in (you see the square 4:3 aspect ratio deteriorated when watching 16:9 movies).

But does 4:3 RPTVs with 16:9 V-Compression (like the sony wega enhanced 16:9 mode) will suffer from burn-in? In another way, is the V-Compression drawing the picture using all of the phosphors and then squeezing it vertically? (And so Wearing them all equally)

I am a big gamer and aware of the UI burn-in too, and if RPTV won't do, I will have to settle for a smaller screen :(
Or maybe I'll buy a 16:9 with grey windowbox bands and come up with some black velvet 3:4 curtains to hide them ;)

I owned a Toshiba 40" RPTV for two and a half years which was used a lot for XBOX and PS2 (for a few weeks it was used a good few hours a day with the PS2 as my son broke his leg and was stuck in the house) and never had a problem with burn in.

As long as you keep the contrast down, it really shouldn't be a problem.


The only way in which a 4x3 image can be re-shaped to a 16x9 shape on a CRT RPTV would be either

a) by using the full 4x3 area of the tubes, but changing the optical properties of the projection lenses OR

b) by only using (ie Scanning on) a 16x9 area of the tube.

Changing the optical properties of a lens is not really feasible. I guess it could be done using a oil-filled flexible lens but this brings its own problems - mainly heat instability.

AFAIK, nobody does this. The image on your screen is merely a projection of the energised image on the CRTs. V-compression only scans on the central part of the tube, so is just as likely to cause uneven wear (aka burn in) as a letterboxed image.
Thank you very much,

Your replys awnsered my question perfectly, I will probably buy a 4:3 CRT RPTV, lower the contrast/brightness and if my daytime image is weak, invest in thick window curtains (talk about high tech !) :smashin:


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