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After several hours over the last week getting up to speed with this wonderful technology that has got us cracking open the piggy bank or speaking to bank managers very nicely - my biggest fear is 'SCREEN BURN' !!!!

You see I have two little boys who love the Sky Digital kids channels - yep the ones that have Cartoon Network logos or Fox kids logo's in the corners of the screen :(

So my question is this - how practical is it for a fussy consumer to spend £4K+ on a Plasma with screen burn being an issue.

What precautions do you boys (or girls) take. For example if my boys watched a program with a logo in the corner on a Sunday and the channel was on for 6 hours would this cause burn?

And, if I had to change channel to protect it - can this just be a quick flick to another channel for five minutes - or somthing a lot longer.

Bombard me with what you guys have to do to protect yourselves from screen burn. Cause I'm sure I wouldn't be able to claim on the manufacturers warranty :blush:


i use scart to rgb to vga for normal viewing but i have also scart to composite set up aswell on this imput i have stretched the picture so much all logos are off the screen
kids dont care weather there is logos or not
hope this helps


Mine has a TV & Sky (2nd Sub) in his room, he's not allowed to watch these channels on my Baby !!!!!!!!!!


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Thanks for your response guys - still a bit unsure about this screen burn issue if I'm honest.

It's probably the only thing holding me back at the moment...


Don't let the burn in issue stop you from buying a plasma, if you are careful this won't cause you a problem at all. Just stretch the pictures to remove the logo's and turn down the brightness and contrast.


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Pauld, thanks.

Will the picture not look poor if I have to play around with the contrast and brightness settings though?

And when you say stretching the image, is this like a zoom effect that I've got on my TX36PF10 set - that gives you a poorer picture because its effectively blowing up the image and pushing the screen outside of the normal viewing area (along with the logo's)?

Sorry to be a bit anal on this folks, but I'd be a bit dissapointed if I had to watch it strectched and with poor contrast brigthness/ settings just to avoid screen burn.

Unfortuantely the Screen will spend a good % of its time running Sky.

Thanks and sorry again to seem paranoid android:eek:

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