Burn *.ape as *.wav ??


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Now I have all my cd's ripped onto my hard drive as .ape files and my cd's safely tucked away in the loft, I'd like to know how I can create a backup cd for use in the car. I never take originals in the car as they end up wrecked.

Nero doesn't recognise the ape format, only mp3.

Any ideas?


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Hi John,

You could install the 30 day free trial of J river mediacenter, and use this to burn the CD's. It works great for me.





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I believe foobar2000 has a CD writer built in.

I know it certainy has a .APE to .WAV diskwriter feature which can drop .WAV's in a folder for you to write yourself.

I know it also can do .APE to MP3 converter (using LAME.DLL I think), as I tried it to check if it retained the artist, tracknum and date tags, etc. And it does.

I'm going to use this to write normal compression 192Kbps MP3's of all my albums off my HTPC's lossless .APE library some day, they are about as good as a Soundblaster Audigy and Cambridge Soundworks 4.1 desktop sub/sats can reveal. It even supports retaining the album/artist folder structure for the written files.



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Hi Rob (Pulsar),

I have tried MC9 in the past and there is no denighing it has some useful features like this particular request but I dont like the way the librays update (or not) when you try to add music from a client.


I've been meaning to give Foobar a try, seems like another good reason.:)

I always like a free solution:D

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