Burn After Reading Blu-ray Review

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      Reviewed by Keith Hurst, 9th February 2009
      Burn After Reading is yet another decent film which the Coen brothers have added to their repertoire. What we have is off the wall writing, excellent casting and superb performances from the players they have chosen to fill these particular roles. The plot itself is typical Coen, like many of their other films, occurs during the middle act of someone's life; sometimes there seems to be no start nor end as such, just a brief glimpse into that period in their lives.Technically the audio is good and the video is stylised and acceptable. They will not be to everyone's taste but both provide what they need to if not necessarily being real demo stuff. Don't let the final score put you off though because this is only brought down with what I felt were a definite lack of a decent set of extras.

      There's only a few directors these days that I would watch blind and the Coen brothers have to be top of that list for me right now. I have always enjoyed their films and they have never let me down. They continue to produce entertaining, humourous movies which never fail to impress. This is yet another to add to that list and one which I can definitely recommend you buy and add to your Coen collection.
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