Bulow TV trolley stand - owners or thoughts?


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Hi all,
I've been eyeing up a Sony 55-65" TV, but their stand positions are too wide for my TV stand.
I found this pedestal stand and looks pretty nice, although a bit pricey....from Bulow in Denmark.

Has anyone used or have this stand? I can't seem to find any reviews on it.
I'm just afraid that the assembly is a bit basic. It only has a single long screw from the bottom base to the top of the main tube that holds the weight of the TV...not sure if I trust it...would you?

Max loading for the stand is 45Kg, the Sony 65 inch is around 30kg.

But I do like the minimal design, that it takes up a small footprint and it has wheels to move it about. Or if there are better options out there, please let me know!

Thank you for any comments/ thoughts!
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The stand may technically be able to take the weight of a 45kg TV but that base-board looks to be made of fibre-board so won't have much weight to it, meaning that a 55" or 65" TV fixed to that stand is likely to be fairly top-heavy and the relatively small footprint won't help in that respect, either.

If it's just you in the house and it's located on an end-wall or a location where no-one can walk past it then it should be OK though, but I wouldn't trust it if you had young children or pets or it was located anywhere where it could potentially get knocked and I definitely wouldn't use it on carpet as I don't think it'll be stable enough.

Is wall-mounting not an option ? A larger TV will be much safer and secure when wall mounted or used on a wider AV cabinet with bigger footprint.

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