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The Grandfather

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Hi, My Norton 360 is coming to an end and I am looking to replace it.
I have used Norton products for years but they seem to consume so much of my PC's power that at times it slows to a crawl.
I realise that this the way they work BUT does it have to be so bad?

I have seen BullGuard on the this site.
The Top 10 Antivirus Software of 2015

Does any one on here use it and if so what do they think of it?
Any recommendations/advice would be most welcome.

Thanks in advance.



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Never paid for antivirus in my life. So many free versions out there.

Microsoft Security Essentials is lightweight but quite basic and can be compromised if you're not very pc literate.

Bitdefender Free is good and a bit more robust.

Avast is another freebie but haven't used it for a while so can't rate the current version.

I like to back these up with a separate free malware scanner, Malwarebytes being my favourite. Just run it once a month and skip the prompts to upgrade to the full version or have a trial.


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Yes - no need to pay for A-V software. As Macros... says there are free and perfectly effective alternatives. I read somewhere that, rather like the recent car scandal, some of the costly options are designed specifically to give out good benchmark scores in tests whereas in real life, they differ little from the better freebies.

The Grandfather

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Thank you both.
This has come at an awkward time - I am a TalkTalk customer!! and for the last month I have been the recipient of a sustained phishing attack (100+ said to come from, Aldi, Sainsbury's, Boots, Tesco Ladbrokes, Groupon etc etc.
That total does not include all the spam calls. Hundreds in fact. I have now turned my answerphone off and never ever answer them. They are now dropping off as I suspect that they think the line is not in service.

Sorry for going off topic but it is all sort of related.


P.S. Which free ones do you use?


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Currently, I'm using the inbuilt product that's part of Windows, plus an occasional* scan using MalWareBytes (Free Anti-Malware & Internet Security Software). That said, I do consider myself fairly web-savvy and cautious. This has been my setup for well over two years, since my preinstalled Norton expired. And my system performance has improved. I have previously used Avast! and have also had reports of effective cover from AVG. No doubt others have other suggestions. For a start, though, if you don't trust Windows Defender (as I do) then try Avast! (Avast | Download Free Antivirus Software) but do take care as you install it as they (did?) try to divert you into also installing the (paid) premium product so watch what you click.

* Occasional means (a) routinely when I remember, maybe 6x per year, PLUS if something specific prompts me to do so.

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