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Bulletstorm looks awesome.


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Seriously, it looks awesome.
Can't wait to play some demos :D

I'll add some videos tomorrow.

Maybe we should have an E3 thread/sub-forum?


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Lets make this the E3 thread.

Anyone hear anything about valves big announcement?


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Theres going to be a 360 and ps3 demo out this week i heard
Fantastic,i will demo it on the 360 and if i like it get it on the pc....:devil:


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360 Demo is out now.


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I must say, this does look find of cool......
Demo --> purchase hopefully.......

Gamecollection have it for £20.00 preorder......does this suggest lack of confidence??? Anyway, let's try the demo first.
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Nah, I mean it doesn't have LONG term appeal. I can see it being really good first time through.

Based on the demo for 360, I'd agree. It is a lot of fun trying to get combos etc, and it definitely has a "just one more try" feeling about it, but equally I can't see it lasting very long either. Classic arcadey game though - balls to the wall action. The leash thing is a lot of fun. The game plays like a cross between Duke Nukem, The Club and Gears of War.

A big driver for the interest on the 360 is that the full game comes with a Gears of War 3 beta.


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I disagree. I can see this being a lot like Devil May Cry for me, a game that after the first week I stop playing regularly but keep in my collection for the odd punt now and again. The high score element will always have me coming back for more (until the inevitable Bulletstorm 2) and the multiplayer looks like a similar dip-in-and-out affair.

It clearly isn't going to have the same long-term appeal as the likes of Call of Duty and Bad Company, more Gears of War 2's Horde Mode. That's still a lot more long term appeal than I get from most story-driven games though, which I just tend to zip through for the story, then kid myself about how I'll play through it again "soon" before selling on for a tenner a few months down the line.

Theydon Bois

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I got the email this morning, watched the video, and was ready to download the demo........xbox. ***? WHy are EA, who I have bought only PC games from, and so therefore have subscribed me based on this, showing me games I cannot play, emailing me a demo of a game they do not know I have the console for?

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