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"Guns don't kill people. Bullets do."

After a ten-year theatrical hiatus, Walter Hill returns to the big screen and the macho genre that made his name by hauling Sylvester Stallone onto the wrong side of the tracks and pitching him into one of those mismatched buddy-buddy thrillers that the unforgiving filmmaker became synonymous with during a cinematic period of intensely irresponsible and profoundly amoral machismo. Taking his cue from French graphic novel ""Du plomb dans la tete" by Alexis Nolent and Colin Wilson, he explores very familiar territory with a movie that is solid, hard-hitting and enjoyable if, ultimately, unremarkable.

Personally, I'm getting tired of the 80's throwback tagline that critics and fanboys love to slap upon any gutsy, bone-crunching modern thriller dealing with anti-heroes taking out the trash in that quintessentially above the law fashion. There's so...

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Chris McEneany

Well-known Member
This one's for you, Glenn! :smashin:

Sorry ... but the Rambo III score review will be next week now. Although it is mostly done, real life has got in the way.

This should make up for it, though!


Chris McEneany :devil:


Distinguished Member
It's apt that the review contained the quote “Are we gonna fight, or do you plan on boring me to death?”, as that's what almost happened to me when I watched this at the cinema :D


Distinguished Member
Great timing Chris as my copy of Bullet To The Head just landed yesterday :smashin:

Your review is pretty much what I expected tbh and as a devout Sly fan also I know I am gonna enjoy this one.

Yeah by the sounds of things it could have been better and does not warrant greatness, but I am prepared to take anything of this type that Sly will give us ... and lap it up with thanks :cool:

I REALLY want one more Rambo and hope we get that after Ex.3 (and lets hope Ex.3 is more on par with Ex.1 than Ex.2).

Back to Bullet, shame the extras are missing as like you say Sly normally gives us a wealth of personally contributed material to gorge on, so that is a shame.

Looking forward to watching this weekend - any new Sly film is always an event :thumbsup:

Yeah - I keep looking for Rambo 3 ost review ;)
You even inspired me to listen to the entire score at the gym last weekend too, knowing a review was on the way ... timeless music though from the master Jerry G.

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