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Hi everybody I'm new to the site and wondered if anybody could help with the problem I am having.

I own a Canon MV600i camcorder and what I'm trying to do is connect a bullet cam up to it. I have connected the bullet cam and switched the camcorder to vcr mode and all is well, I have perfect video images on the screen but I cannot record!! I have tried everything I can think of including trying to use the remote.

Please tell me that I'm a plonker and I'm doing something wrong as its getting a little frustrating now.

Any advice is more than welcome.


Please tell me that I'm a plonker
OK then - you are a plonker :rotfl: (now that is what I call a strange request, especially for a first post :D )

oh and the other question - how are you trying to record from the bullet cam? With an external source such as a bullet cam you don't record by pressing the normal button used to record with the cam in camera mode. Instead there should be a record button with the other VCR functions (well there is on my TRV-900e) that controls recording in VCR mode.
The fact that you are getting the picture on the LCD screen suggests to me that you have everything else set correctly.


ps, welcome to the [-]madhouse[/-] forum :thumbsup:

Past it

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LOL........ Cheers Mark.........I think!!!

Got it sorted now, went back to it with a cool head and noticed the schoolboy error I was making. Funny how frustration can blind you from the obvious.

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