Built in fridge freezer -what's the likelihood its hard wired in?


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Moved into a house with inbuilt fridge freezer with an on off switch on the wall next to it

Its on its last leg so decided to move old fridge we had in the house from the garage

Can't get to the back of the current fridge with it enclosed in the unit

What's the likihood its hardwired?


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how old is the house? I believe its something that is often done in newer builds, otherwise it may just be in a socket with a separate isolator switch


I tended to put a fused spur above and a flex outlet below. The flex outlet being flatter than having a plug and socket which sometimes still took up space and stopped the fridge going back. Also harder if the fuse needed changing. If you had a switched fused spur above you never needed to get to the back of the fridge.

You could also do it with a 20amp double pole switch above and an unswitched fused spur below.


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Errrr, it'll be hardwired into the existing switch that you mentioned in your post?

.......or am I missing something?


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Thanks for the posts

The inbuilt unit ends and next to it is a switch with a fuse, no signs of wire
So it's either plugged in at the back of the unit or its feeding into the wall on the side and into the switch


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In my house, all the built-in appliances and appliance positions have a switch at worktop level but behind the appliance is a normal switched 13A socket.

The switch is for safety/connivence so that you can turn it off even though the socket is blocked by the appliance.

The exception is the oven/hob which I believe go to a wired junction box - presumably because it is on a higher rated circuit.




All my built in appliances (fridge/freezer, washing machine) are wired to a three point non switchable wall plug behind the built in unit that is controlled from an on/off switch above the work units. The next time my fridge/freezer goes off the rails I'm ripping the sodding thing out and going back to a free stander.

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