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new to the forum :hiya:

my mate builds my pc's for me, but he's away so i cant pick his brain. Im looking to keep it under £600. What are your opinions of the below set-up?

CARD GE FORCE 8800 GTX £328.99
CPU AMD CPU AM2 Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ £105.74
RAM Corsair Value Select 2Gb DDR2 PC5300 memory kit (2 x 1GB) £52.64


I know I still need a hard drive and other bits.

Any opinion and advice are welcome

Cheers Craig


Sounds ok, what you using it for?

I tend to have a new one every couple of years.

i want to play the odd game from time to time. Age of Empires, Lord of the Rings that kind of rubbish :thumbsup:

Surf the net and burn dvd/cd now and again.

Just wondering if im getting the right set up for the money and what other options i could look at, ie different set up for value or pre-built.

Any advice at all really as im not great with pc's


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Dunno - spec sounds quite good for general use plus graphics card is fairly beefy

If it were mine i dont play much games so i'd probably get a cheaper spec graphics card for about £200?

sure someone else might have some suggestions


had this advice from a friend about better value for me. any opinions?

geforce 8800 gts £187.99
intel core duo 2 e6650 2.33ghz £115.14
abit ab9 (board) £72.94
geil 2G 800mhz ddr2 £65
hitatchi 200g £45.99


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bin the hitachi drive for a samsung or seagate
get the ip35 abit board
rest is fine

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