building own component cables...?

Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by gsic, Sep 22, 2004.

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    would rather custom make my own component cables so i can get perfect lengths from my amp up through the loft to my projector... also saving a few £££ as well

    equipment is going to be the following....

    Denon 3805 - using the component upscaler to output all signals from composite and s-vid

    Harmon Kardon 2550s - NTSC/PAL Progressive outpout connected to amp...

    Kef Eggs - using 2 core 25mm mains cable for this....

    HTPC with DVI output

    Sanyo Z2 LCD PRojector....

    Not very sure about what cables to order from VDC..any suggestions on what I should be ordering at all??? Got these in mind, but not sure if suitable to be honest...

    Van Damme standard 75 video coax...

    and thats it really :/

    Its either that or trying to get one of Mark Grants 5m Belden component upthrough the cupboard, through the loft space and through the wall behind the projector, and that I fear will be a job and a half :(

    ramble over, prolly makes no sense what so ever :D


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