Building my own av unit.


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As I am upgrading some of my equipments, ive deided to get rid of the old unit and build a new unit.

Went to B & Q today and bought 2440x 1220 x 18mm mdf board. All cut to the sizes I wanted for free (hurrrrry).

Will be loading up some pictures once I get started.

Good / bad and recommedation welcome.

Richard Fenn

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Oh gonna subscribe to this as i'll be doing the same in January


What size pieces did you have cut?

AV Happy

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Pictures pictures pictures, I too will be interested in this, Its always good to know that i'm not the only one who embarks on such a project. I made all the cabinets and storage in my TV room. Good luck with your project and if i can be of any help feel free to get in touch :thumbsup:


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pictures...... please...!


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Guys as promised, here's few picture of my build so far.

The guy who cut my mdf at B&Q adviced me to use timber to give the mdf support so I bought 2 meter long timber as well from B&Q.

I cut 4 small bit from the timber and screw it on the edges of the mdf (see picture). To hide the timber I used mdf to build a case around the timber.


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