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Building my home cinema set up....


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Hi guys, I really could do with your help/advice, I know it's a long message but anything is apricoated!

I've always been interested in tvs and home cinema but never really got round to actually getting any kit... Until I bought an Onkyo entry kit last year with a 305 amp and onkyo speakers with an active sub to pair with my samsung ue40b8000 40" LED tv and 260gb ps3 slim ... All connected with the cheapest optical/hdmi interconnects going and basic speaker sub cable that came with the onkyo kit! Anyway I have decided to start getting more serious and involved.

So over the last month I purchased the following:
KEF 2005.2 5.1 speakers
Onkyo tx-sr875 av reciever (3 years old but hd audio and THX ULTRA certified)
3 x 2meter QED profile hdmi cables (award wining and £41 for the 3 @ tesco!)
Custom 6m Van damme sub cable with neutrik interconnects
Good quality THOR optical cable

As you can see alot of it is older kit, but I went for 'old premium' lol so I'm not too outdated! Got all this for a total of £430 but havent finished yet!

THIS IS WHERE I NEED YOUR HELP! I want to obviously complete my middle of the range second hand package... Here are my questions...

I am contemplating getting a new sub as this one is intermitently faulty, any recommendations that would pair well!? And I don't mind buying second hand...?

I am also contemplating using my Kefs as satellites and buying a centre... Keeping my set up 5.1 is there any point in this, how do you rate the Kefs I have and what would you recommend to use? (again dnt mind sticking to the 2nd hand gear)

Speaker cable! What am I looking for!? I don't want to spend too much but want something that will work well for my system.

Anything else you think I'm missing? I already have a little list going including a harmony remote, screened power supply/mains conditioner etc...
Please give any comment or advise! As I don't want this to be a 'no reply thread' and have to write it all again! ;-)

Cheers, Ryan.


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If you buy new speakers for the front, stick with kef. Speak to the likes of hifix. Speaker cable wise, 2.5mm van damme hifi or blue is good enough. Sub wise, BK are very popular. See bkelec.com or again speak to David at hifix.

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Thanks! Will have a look at those! For got to mention it's for a relatively small room (my bedroom!) about 14ftx16ft and viewing distance at about 11ft... Sorry bought spelling and grammar on the first post... And bloody iPhone auto correct!! I used the site rather than the app to try and locate the most appropriate area to put the thread!

Anyone else with any help and advice please!?

Cheers, Ryan.


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Anyone else with anymore help or advice please!? How do you think I have done so far for £430 all included??

Cheers, Ryan.


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For starters i must let you know i am very interested in seeing what advice you get as i have similiar plans.
If you do finalise sth please do update this thread.:thumbsup:
all the best


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Thanks! I will do, just added 2 x 3m Chord Carnival silverplus speaker cable terminated with gold plated atlas plugs to the list (£30 from gumtree)! Just need 3 other appropriate speaker cables lol I have ended up a right wheeler dealer in this process!
Still any help / advise will be appreciated as this looks like it's going to be a never ending upgrade! But still I'm looking to finalise my set up and remain under £500 all inclusive (excluding my tv and ps3 of course!) which I will be very pleased with as it all very good kit I've scrimped and scraped!


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