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Discussion in 'What Speakers Should I Buy?' started by Milford Cubicle, Feb 16, 2014.

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    Hi guys, I'm trying to build my first 5.1 and I have a few questions. After a bunch of reading I think I'm going to get Tannoy Mercury v1i surround speakers a BK Gemini 2 sub and a Yamaha RXV375 receiver. I'm buying it to run my PC and PS3 through it, I will almost entirely be using it for watching films and TV series. I'm going to try to find a shop in Nottingham this week that I can have a listen to the mercury v1i's.
    First question is will these work together for running those things? For watching films are there any changes you would make?
    I haven't had a surround sound before but from what I've read the two surround speakers don't get worked as much, would I be able to save money by getting the v1's for the two rears or would I notice it?
    Thanks for any replies in advance :)
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