Building low power E7200/g31 based PC. Any opinions/advice?


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Having read this article here > G31 And E7200: The Real Low-Power Story : Combining Performance and Efficiency - Review Tom's Hardware
Am thinking of building a low power (and hopefully noise) micro ATX based PC to use as a server (on 24/7) with some occasional 'light' desktop use thrown in.

Got as far as speccing the CPU and mobo (both available in the UK).

Intel E7200 CPU
Gigabyte GA-EG31MF-S2 Motherboard

Anyone else built a similar system?

RAM, HDD and optical should be reasonably straightforward. However not sure which PSU and micro atx case to go for. The review recommends a Fortron FSP220 PSU which don't seem available in the UK. Even if it was the PSU is 1U form factor, would this even fit in a regular mATX case?


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If you are looking for a near silent PC then I can recommend the Corsair VX450 - it may use a few more watts at idle than the Forton FSP220 but it is very very quiet and should last you a long time. There is a slightly cheaper Corsair 400W version which I haven't personally used but is probably very good as well.

- Simon.


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My HTPC is / was similar. Had a Foxconn G31 with a passively cooled E6550, changed the motherboard for a P35, mainly for features (optical SPDIF out) but also so I could underclock the processor to 1.86GHz and lower the voltage so keeping temps and any case fan noise down. Loudest thing is the HDD (set to quiet mode in the samsung firmware setup).

No idea what the power demands are but hopefully not too bad. Is there a G43 / G41 yet? Should be lower power consumption still as it's a die shrink. P43 seems to do well from this point of view from what I've seen.


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