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Update as of may 2020:

I had forgotten all about this thread, but as an update I have now arrived at the goal set out back in 2007. During 2017 the entire room was renovated to include in-wall speakers and hidden electronics, projector and screen to give it the intended hidden home cinema feel. I have included some pics of current may 2020 status.





Now new upgrades are under way to include some new subs and probably a new projector. These upgrades will be described in the end to continue the thread on page 2 and onwards.

Original start 2007:

I am building a living room integrated home cinema with the following highlights:

- Fully integrated and hidden installation of 100" screen and projector
- In wall speakers for surround sound
- 42" LCD as primary TV
- HD HTPC as feed
- Lights and everything else controlled via Harmony 895.

I have added some pictures from the starting point, and I think you would agree that this does not look to bad.

But wait and see :thumbsup:

The build will last for a couple of month depending on the ambition level, but most probably I will split it into a couple of parts because plans are to redo the entire room.


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Let me give you some more details.

Plans are that the 100" motorised screen will be mounted in an enclosure above the TV and will be comming down in front of the TV. This enclosure with the Screen will also contain the inwall speakers, which will be directed towards the watching positions of course.

The screen is a tab tension motorised screen from Lissau and the projector is a Panasonic PT-AX100. I have chosen the tab tension screen due to the experiences from other people in this forum so that I do not have any problems with wrinkles (apart from my own....).

The Panasonic has been chosen due to its review on where it combines good black cinema performance with good performance in rooms that are not fully darkened.

Speakers are today from KEF and I will most probably use KEF in the future as well, but both Sonance and Dali have some interesting models.

The HD HTPC will have its own thread in the HTPC forum so follow the details there.

If you have any comments or ideas for inspiration then feel free to post these.


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Hi, I just finished my DIY install with motorised screen in ceiling and the projector hidden behind the rear wall covered by a motorised picture, also all controlled by a harmony 895. I never got round to doing the lighting so I would be interested to know how you plan to do it.
Here is some video of it...

Having the projector behind the wall made a huge difference, it means the room is completely silent, it all depends what is behind your rear wall, luckily in my case it was the garage . I built the sliding picture mechanism myself for about £100 and its linked to the 12V trigger from the projector.


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bphhm: Sounds like you have everything planned, your size of room looks good. You say in-wall speakers, but is that just the rears or fronts as well, would you build a false wall for the speakers or sink them into the wall already there? Obviously plenty of photos will be great.

I think you're right to go for a tab-tensioned screen, mine has edge curl that looks like it will only get worse as time goes by.

MT1: Damn it, just watched your video and I thought about hiding my pj behind a picture but never had the gumption to do it, now I might just have to. I don't want to hijack bphhm's thread so could you maybe start another thread about how you made the mec and motor for the picture; I've got to stop reading this forum or I'll never stop DIYing


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elootos: I did actually plan to build a false wall and then similar to your install make a "room" for my TV, but my wife did not like the idea.

So my plan is to go for the KEF speakers with a small motor that would come down from the enclosure that I am building for my screen


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yes, the 895 is a great remote, I have 2 of the RF receivers for it, one in the projector cupboard and one in an AV equipment cupboard in the middle of the house, then the curtains . The funny thing is I cant get used to the RF technology and still feel the need to point it at things when im using it, as you can see from the video.
One thing I cant find any information on is the functionality that was mentioned when it first came out, a USB transceiver that attached to the PC that would allow you to control Windows Media Player from the remote. Have you seen anything like that?


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Okay, just received my Panasonic PT-AX100 projector and Lissau tab tension screen. The Lissau screen uses Draper parts for those of you who are unaware of this Danish company.

Got the screen in place in no time, but I need a new DVI-HDMI cable for my HTPC to test the setup.

Pics will follow.


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Have you considered using the 12V trigger from the projector to control the screen instead of remote control?


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Okay, screen is up and working well without any wrinkles :thumbsup:

The hight seems to be a little difficult to adjust as it does not seem to be constant, from time to time when the screen is lowered.

The AX100 works like expected. Very well! I was surprised about the quality of the smooth screen functionality and the pictures looks very good. Even the noise seems to be acceptable for my wife:boring:

Now I need to do a lot of tweaking to get the picture right, and off course do the living room integration which I promised my wife. Well now it is in place, lets see what happens....

And pics will follow ;)


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You could use a Lintronic signal converter box, which does output this frequency, used by B&O with their remotes - see

I have use this box in my Home Theatre, so that a Beo4 remote can control a Sim2 PJ, Lumagen video processor, Primare DVD, Tag audio processor and Sky+ box.

Good luck.


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OK so here are some new pics of the PJ and screen in place:

Panasonic PT-AX100 at its place:

The screen is up and runnung being placed just in front of my TV:

This is where the fun happens. Sony surround and HTPC as described in my profile:

Hidden in this enclosure:

You have to have five hands to make it all work:

But if you have one of these then you only need one hand :thumbsup:

OK so you need some pics of the PJ running? Well I have to wait untill it gets dark outside as my wife has objected against black curtains

The phase is to start integrating the screen and PJ so that it gets more or less invivsble.

BTW how do I upload the actual picture into a post and not just an attachment?



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Hi Hans :hiya:

its all looking very good mate so keep it up and I`ll try to explain how to put pics on your post.

You first need to d/load a programme such as photo bucket which I use thanks to miniholic. Google it and you`ll find it no prob. Then when its installed you can upload your pics and create "my album" which stores all your pics for you. Then you click on the url link below the photo you wish to post, when you have done that your nearly there.

Next when you are wanting to post a reply to your thread click the icon which has 2 little mountains on it (insert image icon) and paste the image then click ok. Do a preview first to make sure alls well and thats it all done.

I find it better to have 2 web pages open one with av forums thread and the other photobucket and simply flick between them to build up your post.

I hope this simplyfies it a bit for you and everyone else and its care if miniholic so I can`t take the credit:(

cheers Allan :thumbsup:


Looking good Hans... :thumbsup:

Like the htpc housing :smashin: but what are you going to do with the projector bracket, to me it doesn't sort of go with the rest ??


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I will build a housing around both the screen and Projector to make then disappear and eventually I will experiment with inwall speakers in this housing.

I have seen KEF have some motorised versions which can be tilted 45 degrees and will have a motor to control this angling. But I am not aware of how good these speakers are or how well inwall speakers perform in general.

So next step for the comming weeks is to build the housing for the screen and projector.

Step 2 is to find and experiment with inwall speakers.


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step 3 is to post pics on your thread :devil:

I had a demo on thursday with some MA cp silver in walls(£225 each) leaning on a wall and a pair of kef ci9000`s (£600 each) sunk in the wall. to be honest the kef`s were superb but they weren`t £375 better than the MA`s.

I just wonder how much you might pay for a motor which will do nothing to the sound quality

cheers Allan


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YES a lot of pics i step 3 :D:rotfl:

Allan, I have the same doubts with the KEF's and I thinkg for a start I will target a 45 degree angle on the front side of the enclusure I will build for my screen. With this the speakers will point to the seating position.

The only thing I am a little worried about is how it will be to have the sound comming from above your head.

Any experience.


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the only experience I have with speakers above the sitting position (angled in corners) is in a friends house and to be honest even though they were angled down I noticed the sound seemed to be better when I stood up.

I think its a very personal cenario with speaker setup but fully understand that if you are limited to the positioning of your speakers then sometimes you have to make a compromise.

I do hope that when you have it all set up and running you are pleased with the result as doing it twice is a bit of a bummer.

good luck

Allan :thumbsup:


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Just ordered a light dimmer that can be controlled via Z-wave from my Harmony 895. This one will be connected to some downlight that I will place in the enclosure for my screen.

The dimmer is from Innovus, a Danish company for Z-wave home automation. Potentially it is also capable of reporting the consumed power, but this requires a controller and SW.

I am a little bit envious of the possibilities with home automation that are available in UK and US with X10. Difficult to find systems which are Z-wave, approved in Denmark and maybe even has an MCE plugin.

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