Building drone for Brother, input appreciated


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Hey guys, I'm buying the parts to build a drone for my brother's birthday. I'm short on time and have thus not read much on how to build one, but I have put together some parts which I am 99% will fit together. I would love it if you guys could give me some input on whether or not this kit will do nicely, or if some changes need to be made! If they do fit, what kind of Lithium battery should I buy?

It will most likely be used for taking photos, but I thought I would just buy the basic parts for now.

Description of parts, and link to basket, below:

(Ignore the whiskey) Shopping Basket

Parrot Bebop 2 motors, 50 gram each (Specifications not available, although it is made for the Bebop 2 drone which weighs 503 grams

Propeller guards for DJI Mavick pro, 159 grams

Rantow Propellers 9 inches, 18 grams

Frame, UK X210, 181 grams

Littlebee 20a mini Electronic Speed Controller, 5 grams

MyArmor Heightened Landing Gear, 41 Grams

Flysky FS-T6 Transmitter and Receiver

Dshot CC4d Openpilot Flight controller, 32 bits processor for RC models - 18 grams

All in all it should weigh about 620 grams.


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Are those props a bit big for those motors? I think the Parrot ones need a specific mounting type as well. Apologies if those are the ones you have specified.


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With an X210 frame you are looking at 5" props.

How will you mount a camera?

Will you be flying line of sight?

That's quite and old flight controller. Most people use betaflight, kiss or race flight on their FCs these days.

I think you need to do a bit more reasarch on components and what you are trying to build.

You may be better off buying a kit or a 'toy' drone for him to learn on.

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